Posted by: cordy74 | January 14, 2009

The Dedication Of Automobiles To The Dearly Departed

Thanks to advancements in technology vinyl window graphics and lettering have become much more affordable and available to the general public. Just because something is available and affordable doesn’t mean it should be used by everyone.

More and more recently I have been seeing rear window signs and lettering on cars to the tune of “In Loving Memory” of someone. Invariably the signs give the year of the person’s birth and death. That’s just what I want when I die: one of my idiot relatives dedicating their rusty, fifteen year old, Ford POS to my “Loving Memory.” Whatever happened to dedicating a building, statue or tree to someone’s memory. I don’t care who you are or what you did with your life, having a 1993 Toyota Celica with poor window tinting and a primer gray hood dedicated to you is not an honor. I would rather have a brass plaque screwed to the wall above my favorite toilet at work than have my name plastered on the back of a rolling $h!tbox.

Another problem with the commonality of these window graphics is that anyone can have them installed and just about anyone can install them – there’s no safeguard against incorrect spelling or just plain stupidity. A few weeks ago I noticed a van in the Kroger parking lot with a message emblazoned in the rear window with vinyl lettering. The message read: Support Juvenile Diabetes. Now, I know what message these people intended to send to the world when they had this put on their van. They apparently have a child or know of a child who is suffering from Juvenile Diabetes. Unfortunately the message they wanted to spread is not what they are actually sending out to the world. The only message I took from their van is how stupid they are. Their van has a become a mobile encouragement center to the children of Madison County to gorge themselves on fatty foods, become morbidly obese and hopefully succumb to Juvenile Diabetes.

Who is the real culprit here? I would have to say that the blame probably lies with both the owners of the van and also the person who actually installed the lettering. At any point during the process of getting this message installed shouldn’t someone have stopped and thought about what they were doing? Shouldn’t someone have spoken up and said, “Hey! Don’t you mean ‘Support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation’ or ‘Support the Juvenile Diabetes Fight?’”

I’m not perfect, but it is just this sort of half-assed effort that really ticks me off. You can go ahead and say that their hearts were in the right place but I don’t really care. Is it too much to ask that the people of this world pay a little more attention to what they are doing grammatically? You omit one word and your message takes on a whole new

Rockin' Malibu with not one but TWO dedications!

Rockin' Malibu with TWO dedications!



  1. You give people too much credit. Take a step back & think about this logically…the people doing the custom lettering on these rolling $h!tboxes are not Rhodes Scholars & probably have the same types of mistakes on the windows of their own vehicles. If ignorance is bliss, this county should be much freakin’ happier!

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